Research Report

Overcoming Barriers to Law Innovation

Unlocking Performance and Potential to Drive Change in an Era of Disruption

Are you ready to get the tools you need to drive innovation?

Over the last decade, while lawyers have become increasingly attuned to the need for innovation in their field, meaningful change has been limited to a handful of organizations. We at GrowthPlay wanted to better understand the barriers to innovation and what can be done to move the needle, so we brought together 54 law innovators from law firms, law departments, and alternative service providers for a deep dive into this subject.

We interviewed innovation-minded lawyers and legal professionals from organizations that embrace innovation and those who avoid it, conducted comparative studies to see what we could learn from established innovation research in the B2B world, and leveraged talent analytics to uncover data-based insights to help law firms get smarter when making decisions about how to build higher performing teams.

This report is the result of our comprehensive, data-based investigation into how legal professionals can bring about the innovation their firms and companies need to thrive in today’s market.

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