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Lawyers aren’t naturally born to sell. If you are like most legal marketers, you have heard these refrains and many others like them about lawyers and their ability (or lack thereof) to develop business.

Talent research tells a different story and debunks these myths.

Join us for a three part webinar series to learn GrowthPlay’s latest talent analytics and insights about strengths-based selling through our business development profiles that your lawyers and firm can leverage to accelerate revenue.


Professional Services Webinar Series


Play Your Position -
May 24th 10-11 AM CST featuring Holly Barocio and Sarah Oremland
This webinar will focus on the data behind how lawyers sell and the six business development roles.

Be a Team Player 
June 28th 10-11 AM CST featuring Tasneem Khokha
We all know collaboration is key. Let’s discuss how to team using six business development roles.

Fueling Performance & Potential
July 26th 10-11 AM CST featuring Debra Baker
Change is inevitable. Learn tools to help lawyers adapt and stay competitive in the Innovation Economy